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27 June 2022 - 30 June 2022
Reims, France
Plant BioProtech 2022


                      Join the international symposium dedicated to Plant Bio-protection
                                                            June 28th - June 30th, 2022.

The European Green Deal is a growth strategy aspiring to transform the EU into a successful, resource-efficient and competitive economy, with no net or less emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050 and zero pollution. A central element of the Green Deal is the need to shift to a more sustainable agriculture that reduces farming’s environmental footprint while maintaining efficient productive, social, eco-friendly healthy, and cost-effective agriculture.

The protection of crops and trees is still mainly provided today through extensive use of synthetic pesticides and chemical agents. These have proven their protective effectiveness but at the cost of negative consequences on the environment and human health. Finding alternative and/or complementary solutions should allow agriculture to cross a threshold in terms of innovation and competitiveness. This is a large-scale challenge that requires the use of a wide variety of solutions, among these solutions, biocontrol is one of the most promising paths. Beyond the development, dissemination and adoption of biocontrol products and agents, biocontrol must fit into culture crop management systems less dependent on synthetic pesticides.

By focusing on scientific, technical and political aspects related to the plant bioprotection, the Plant BioProTech, our international symposium, contributes to the EU climate action. Our symposium impacts not only the scientific community, but also the industry sector, in particular firms involved in the development, formulation and distribution of bioproducts (e.g.: elicitors, biocontrol agents, biostimulants), it allows researchers and industrials experts in biocontrol to meet, discuss and share their latest results, developments and innovations in the field.

Together we can contribute to build the path to a more sustainable agriculture in the world.


  • 260 international participants
  • 3 inspiring plenaries and 13 parallel sessions
  • 90 speakers
  • 130+ One to one partnering meetings
  • 60 Posters
  • 14 sponsors
  • 2 tours: ARD Innovation Tours and The Champagne Experience
  • 1 gala dinner (sponsored by Lallemand)
  • Plant BioProTech Awards (supported by MDPI / Plants review): 1 award for the best Innovation (Amoeba) and 2 best posters (RWTH Aachen University and University of Liege)

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    Closed since 24 June 2022
    Location Reims Convention Center
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    Participants 109
    Meetings 131
    France 168
    Belgium 29
    Switzerland 9
    Spain 8
    Germany 7
    Italy 5
    Reunion 4
    Hungary 3
    Israel 3
    Austria 2
    Netherlands 2
    United Kingdom 2
    Luxembourg 2
    Brazil 1
    New Zealand 1
    Morocco 1
    Chile 1
    India 1
    Canada 1
    Total 250
    University 106
    Company 85
    R&D Institution 29
    Association/Agency 13
    Other 10
    Authority/Government 5
    Consulting firm 2
    Total 250